Agricultural Irrigation Rebates

The Fall River Electric irrigation program has been established to encourage the use of energy-efficient equipment and is an opportunity for irrigation users to receive a financial rebate to cover a portion of the cost to install a new or more efficient system, or to make improvements to an existing system.


To participate in our program, replace or repair specific components allowed, submit the required paperwork, and receive your rebate. The rebate amount varies by sprinkler component or part that is incorporated in your sprinkler system.

To apply for a hardware rebate, please click here for an application Sprinkler Hardware Rebate Form 10-1-19

To apply for sprinkler conversion, use this rebate form Sprinkler Conversion Rebate Form 10-1-19


Requires pre-approval

Fall River Rural Electric Cooperative provides several energy efficiency programs to financially assist our owner-members improve irrigation system efficiency. One program rebates a portion of the cost to install a Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) on short-coupled or deep-well turbine irrigation pumps. The VFD Rebate applies to pumps driven by 20 – 500 horsepower electric motors. The basic qualifications require three full irrigation seasons’ load history before VFD installation, and either a flow rate variation of at least a 20% or a discharge pressure variation of at least 10%. All VFD installations are required to meet the IEEE 519 standard. Although VFD installations for motors over 500 HP or powering centrifugal pumps are not eligible for the rebate program, they may qualify as a custom project.
How Does the Program Work?

1. Review the program description to determine whether your system is eligible.
2. Provide a copy of your contractor’s VFD bid proposal, and the completed attached application to Fall River, Conservation Specialist by mail, in-person, fax, or e-mail.

3. Pre-approval is required. Do NOT begin work, or order equipment until you have received WRITTEN approval from Fall River Electric.

4. Once the application and proposal have been reviewed, the application will be signed by a FRREC representative and returned indicating approval.

5. Upon completion of the installation and the VFD is electrically connected, you or your contractor shall notify Fall River Electric. Once the installation is confirmed as correct and complete, and Fall River has received a copy of receipts for all project expenses, a rebate check will be mailed to the customer listed on the approved application. The customer is responsible for all payment arrangements for all project costs to the contractors involved.
What is the Amount of the Rebate?
Fall River Electric’s rebate is $42.00 per pump horsepower

To apply, please click here for an application VFD Application Form

For more information or to answer questions, please call our Conservation Specialist at 800.632.5726 or locally at 208.652.7012.

Other agricultural rebates are available for window replacement and insulation. See the tab titled COMMERCIAL EFFICIENCY REBATES for more information on those rebates.