Annual Meeting of Members

COVID-19 Forces 2020 Annual Meeting to Go Virtual

Out of an abundance of caution for our owner/members and staff, Fall River Electric’s annual meeting of members was conducted virtually on Saturday, June 13, 2020 broadcasting from the Cooperative’s headquarters office in Ashton, ID. A new voting record was set when nearly 2,500 ballots were cast via three methods: online, mail-in and in-person via our drop-off locations at each office in Ashton, Driggs and West Yellowstone. A total of seven candidates were seeking three positions.

Jay Hanson was re-elected to his District 2 board position while Georg Behrens and Jeff Keay were also re-elected to their District 3 & 8 seats, respectively.

Here are the voting results:

DISTRICT 2 – West Victor

Jay Hanson – 1,619

Nolan Boyle – 794

DISTRICT 3 – East Victor

Georg Behrens – 1,629

Alan Thompson – 517

Rod Gust – 281

DISTRICT 8 – Northern Island Park

Jeff Keay – 1,782

Bob Stantus – 617

All three elected board members will each fill a three-year term extending into mid 2023 and will join the other six members that comprise the board charged with overseeing the business affairs of the Cooperative and ensuring it remains financially sound. All board members must live within the physical boundaries of the district seat open for election but represent all owner-members of the Cooperative.

Owner-Members Affirm Future Board Voting

A part of the 2020 annual meeting was an advisory vote from the owner-members as to the future method of voting for board candidates. The question put to the members was whether the board should consider retaining the current method of electing board candidate by the “plurality” method, or whether members desired to change the bylaws to reflect candidates earning a “majority” of the votes cast.

Final advisory voting results were:

Retain the current method of plurality – 1,264

Require candidates to win their board seat by a majority of votes – 1,087

Given the outcome of the advisory vote, the board will continue to have candidates win by whomever earns the most number of votes from the membership.

Fall River Electric’s annual meeting for 2021 will be held at North Fremont High School in Ashton ID on Saturday, June 19, 2021.