By-Law Changes Up for a Vote

In addition to the election of board directors, members are also being asked to approve or reject TWO by-law changes.
One of the proposed changes involves prohibiting board members from being considered for Fall River Electric employment until their service on the board has expired by a minimum of three years. The proposed change also reduces the number of years from five years to three years for a former employee to become eligible for board candidacy.

The second by-law proposal involves extending the term limits of board directors by one additional term (not to exceed six (6) consecutive terms overall) if an existing Fall River board member is serving as a board member of a regional or national industry organization at the end of his/her fifth term and if the Fall River membership re-elects him/her through the
Fall River election process.

Online & mail-in voting CLOSES on Wednesday, June 12 so there is still time to vote for your choice from TEN board candidates seeking three board seats. Co-op owner-members can also vote in-person at the annual meeting on June 15 at North Fremont High School in Ashton. Election results will be announced at the end of the business meeting on June 15th.

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