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COVID-19 Virus Results in Temporary Front Office Closure

As of Monday, March 23, Fall River Electric Cooperative has restricted access by the public to each of the Cooperative’s three front offices located in Ashton, Driggs and West Yellowstone. This action is following recommendations from the CDC as well as local and state agencies and is in response to the COVID-19 virus.  This step will have absolutely no impact on the power supplied to our members but will ensure critical business operations continue without interruption.

Fall River Electric’s CEO/General Manager Bryan Case said, “The health and safety of our members and our staff are paramount in continuing to provide reliable, low-cost power to our members. With that in mind and with our efforts to follow local and state guidelines, we have temporarily closed our front offices to our members and the general public.” The management team of the Cooperative will reassess the impact of the coronavirus situation on a weekly basis to determine when this closure might be lifted or whether additional measures will be necessary. Case went onto say, “Most importantly, our members can expect Fall River to continue to provide exceptional service while we focus on maintaining a healthy workforce, and keeping key personnel – such as line workers and member service representatives available to our membership.”

For members who have been making payments in-person at Fall River’s offices, there are several ways to do so remotely. This website allows members to set up payments by credit card, debit card or ACH payments from your checking account. You can also pay using the Fall River Electric app MY FR app or by phone when calling 1.800.632.5726 anytime 24/7. Cash payments can also be made by using the dropbox outside each office.

To help during this pandemic, Fall River Electric will not disconnect electrical service to any member.

If your employment is directly impacted by the COVID-19 virus, please contact one of our friendly Member Services representatives and discuss what arrangements can be made concerning payment of future energy bills. Members can also request the help of Fall River Helping Hands, which is Fall River Electric’s energy assistance organization established to provide financial assistance for the payment of energy bills.

Members should not be alarmed by this slight change in operations and can be assured that because of the exceptional financial and operational condition of the Co-op, Fall River Electric is positioned to continue to provide reliable power.

During this time, we caution members, and the general public, to be on the lookout for suspicious emails and phone calls by persons impersonating Fall River employees or coronavirus focused charitable organizations. Unfortunately, scammers take advantage of opportunities like this virus to attempt to defraud households and businesses when we are otherwise preoccupied. Fall River Electric will never make threats or demand immediate payment to avoid disconnection. If you receive any call of this nature, hang up and call Fall River Electric at 800.632.5726.

Fall River Propane Upgrades Payment System

Fall River Propane, a subsidiary of Fall River Electric, has upgraded their payment systems to be of greater service to their customers which includes the following: A new way to pay online and view your statement A new, easier to understand statement A way to order propane online and actually see what your cost ofContinue Reading

Co-op Pays Out Over $1M to Customers

Before the 2019 Christmas holiday, Fall River Electric Cooperative mailed checks to nearly 6,500 of its owner-members (customers) totaling $1,013,000 under its patronage capital program. Because Fall River Electric operates as a nonprofit cooperative, it is in fact owned by the customers it serves which the co-op refers to as owner-members. When revenues collected by theContinue Reading

No Rate Increase for 2020

Effective October 1, 2019, the Bonneville Power Administration (BPA) implemented rate increases for both wholesale power and transmission costs to 143 Northwest electric utility companies including Fall River Electric Cooperative. BPA is the primary source for Fall River’s wholesale power. After careful consideration, the 9-member elected board of Fall River Electric determined that the CooperativeContinue Reading

New Board Members Elected & Bylaw Changes Approved

Fall River Electric’s annual meeting of members was conducted on a beautiful Saturday, June 15th at North Fremont High School in Ashton, ID where nearly one thousand owner-members joined the Cooperative for breakfast.  Owner-members cast their votes via online, mail-in and in-person to select representatives for three board positions from a total of ten candidates. AContinue Reading

School Solar & Wind Projects Funded

Fall River Electric owner-members in conjunction with the Bonneville Environmental Foundation, a nonprofit organization funded by generous contributions from philanthropic organizations, Helping Hands, a local nonprofit and Fall River Electric; the fundraising necessary to construct small scale distributed generation solar panels and wind turbines at three of our local high schools was achieved. Construction bidsContinue Reading

Jeff Keay Selected to Board

Fall River Electric’s Board of Directors has selected Jeff Keay of Island Park to fill the remaining 2 years of board member Ralph Burton’s term, which expires in June of 2020. Burton moved from the area which, according to the Co-op’s by-laws, forces a vacancy which the board is required to fill via appointment. AContinue Reading

Coop Offers First-Ever Rebate

All owner-members (customers) of Fall River Electric who received power in 2017 have been issued a first-ever rebate! As a nonprofit cooperative, Fall River manages the amount of revenue they need to operate the Cooperative very closely. Fall River Electric had a great financial year in 2017 and the Coop’s elected Board of Directors decided to rebate aContinue Reading

Fall River Electric Pays Out Over $1M to Customers

Fall River Electric Cooperative has mailed checks to over 6,000 of its owner-members (customers) totaling $1,023,143 under its patronage capital program. Because Fall River Electric operates as a nonprofit cooperative, it is in fact owned by the customers it serves which the co-op refers to as owner-members. When revenues collected by the co-op exceed operatingContinue Reading