Commercial & Ag Efficiency Rebates

Some commercial and non-irrigation agricultural projects are more complex and require additional steps to determine energy savings and eligibility. These are referred to as Custom Projects and may require engineering and energy consumption monitoring for the verification of energy savings. Fall River Electric will review any proposed energy efficiency project for verifiable energy savings. Pre-approval is required for all custom projects before members order or purchase qualifying equipment or services.

For more information on Custom Projects, contact Fall River Electric’s Energy Conservation Specialist Jan Dean at or call directly to 208.652.7012.

Commercial Lighting Rebate Program
Requires pre-approval
Fall River offers a rebate to cover a significant portion of the cost to replace lights throughout your business. The commercial lighting rebate is for non-residential lighting only, and applies to retrofitting an existing building and for new agricultural and commercial construction projects. To qualify, lighting projects must be:

  • A commercial business that receives power from Fall River and has an active service account
  • Cost-effective and result in a minimum energy usage reduction of 25%

Before you begin replacing lights, please contact our Fall River Electric Conservation Specialist at 1-800-632-5726 in order to ensure you qualify for the rebate program. For an application, click here Commercial Lighting Rebate Form 10-17.

Commercial Insulation Rebate Program

Requires pre-approval

Save money on heating and cooling by adding insulation to the attic/roof or walls of your commercial building. Rebates are now available for commercial, industrial or agricultural buildings which have permanently installed electric heat. Rebates area available but vary according to your specific pre-existing conditions.

Click here for a worksheet Commercial Insulation Project Information Form

Click here for the application form Commercial Insulation Rebate Form 10-17

Commercial Window Rebate Program

Requires pre-approval

Replace your single pane, single pane with storms OR double paned metal frame windows in your commercial, industrial or agricultural building which has primary electric heat. Building may NOT exceed 20,000 square feet to qualify. Rebates are available for up to $4.20 per square foot of glazing and the prime window replacement must have a U-Factor of .30 or less.

Click here for a worksheet Commercial Window Project Information Form

Click here for the application form Commercial Window Rebate Form 10-17