Cooperative Policies


100 – General Administration Policies

GP 101 Cooperative Policies & Procedures
GP 102 Director Duties, Responsibilities, Standards of Conduct, & Professional Development

200 – Board / Manager Responsibilities

GP 201 Functions of the Board of Directors
GP 202 Committees of the Board of Directors
GP 203 Directors Fees & Expenses
GP 204 Board of Directors-GM Relationships
GP 205 Services Of Consultant
GP 207 Membership In Organizations

300 – Financial Management Policies

GP 301 Financial Practices
GP 302 Approved Depositories & Investment of General Funds
GP 302.5 Investment Of General Funds
GP 303 Authorized Check Signatures
GP 304 Retail Rates
GP 305 Retention, Maintenance and Disposition of Records
GP 306 Consumer Accounting Practices 2016
GP 307 Special Consumer Charges
GP 308 Collection of Unpaid Accts & Bad Debt Reserve
GP 309 Allocation and Retirement of Patronage Capital
GP 310 Purchase of Vehicles
GP 311 Disposal of Property & Sale of Materials-Equipment
GP 312 Financial Forecast & Plan
GP 313 Purchasing Practices And Procedures
GP 314 Retirement of Decedent Capital Credits
GP 315 Equity Management
GP 317 Levelized Payment Plan
GP 318 Easy Pay Option

400 – Operation / Engineering Policies

GP 402 Rules & Regulations Consumer Service and Line Extension
GP 404 Electrical Wiring Inspections
GP 405.1 Easements – Distribution Lines
GP 405.2 Easements – Transmission Lines
GP 406 Relocation of Lines
GP 407 Meter Testing 2016
GP 408 Cooperative Liability for Damages to Consumer and Public Property
GP 409 Movement of Buildings & Equipment Under & Through Cooperative Lines
GP 410 Joint Use or Occupancy of Line or Right of Way
GP 411 Long Range Work Engineering studies and Plans and Four Year Work Plans
GP 412 Emergency Assistance to Other Utilities
GP 413 Job Training & Safety-Loss Control
GP 415 Use of Cooperative, Tools, Facilities
GP 417 Personal Protective Equipment and Flame Resistant Clothing
GP 419 Polychlorinated Biphenyls (PCB)
GP 420 Cooperative Purchase and Wheeling of Power and Energy from small Power Producers and Co-Generators
GP 421 Hazard Materials Communication Program
GP 422 Idle Services
GP 423 System Integrity, Power Diversion
GP 424 Multi Connections To One Meter
GP 425 Underground Facility Location

500 – Member / Public Relation Policies

GP 501 Member and Public Relations
GP 502 Member Data Privacy Policy
GP 503 Newsletters to the Members
GP 505 Assistance to Area Development
GP 506.2 Use Of Membership List
GP 507 Energy Conservation
GP 508 Board of Director Meetings

600 – Personnel Policies

GP 600 Purposes, Development, & Revision of Personnel Policiies
GP 601 Employment at Will
GP 602 Management-Employee Relations
GP 603 Equal Employment Opportunity and Affirmative Action plan for Indivuals With Disabilities and Veterans
GP 604 Selection or Promotion of Personnel
GP 605 Whistleblower
GP 606 Physical Examinations
GP 607 Work Rules
GP 608 Compensation Administration
GP 609 Reimbursement of Business Exp
GP 610 Employee and Director Purchasing
GP 611 Employee Training & Development
GP 612 Employee Housing Incentive
GP 613 Guideline for Use of Cellular Telephones and Other Electronic Equipment
GP 614 Work Standards and Personal Conduct
GP 615 Social Media
GP 616 Employement Classifications and Length of Service
GP 617 Community Service Volunteer Leave
GP 618 Drug Free Work Site and Alcohol Abuse Policy
GP 619 Holidays
GP 620 Vacation Leave
GP 621 Sick Leave
GP 622 Cooperative Vehicles
GP 624 Benefit Procedures for Disabled or Terminating Employees
GP 625 Anti-Harassment & Retaliation
GP 626 Blood Born Pathogens