Easy Pay

For all members interested in the ultimate control of their electric account billing, Fall River Electric Cooperative, Inc. is pleased to offer our EASY-PAY OPTION.

Applicability/Availability This program is available to all single phase, non-demand residential members that have 200 AMP service. Life support and Medical Alert accounts are not eligible for this service. This program allows you to schedule payments for your electric bill at the times and in the amounts that are convenient for you. Each day, Fall River Electric will bill your previous day’s usage, and deduct the bill amount from the prepaid credit balance.. Not only will you be able to make payments as you wish, but you also have access 24/7 to how much power you are using on a daily basis. Your daily account balance is available for review at www.fallriverelectric.com. Once your account balance has reached the pre-determined level, a notice will be sent to you by email and/or text message. You will be solely responsible to check and ensure your account has a sufficient balance to cover electrical usage. Fall River will send notices by text and/or e-mail, but if an account’s bill exceeds the balance available for a service, the member’s service will be disconnected, whether or not the member receives an account balance notice or a disconnect notice.


  • Have current and past due billing paid in full
  • Have all unbilled miscellaneous charges paid in full
  • Pay in full for all unbilled usage, as of the date member account is added to the pay your way program
  • Provide Fall River Electric with a valid email address and/or cell phone number, home phone numbers and continue to maintain as current said email address, cell and home phone numbers
  • Set up their account with a minimum balance of $100

Debt Recovery: Existing members with account balances may use the debt management program, if approved by Fall River. For each payment that is made on the prepaid account a portion (_____%) will go towards the outstanding account balance, with outstanding balances paid in full within three months.


Deposits: No deposit is required for accounts set up on the pay your way program. If you have an existing deposit on your account, Fall River Electric will immediately apply that deposit to your account.

By signing the agreement form, you are agreeing to abide by the Tariff governing the rate class for your meter. Fall River Electric will send notice either by email and/or text message when your account balance is at $40* or less. (*You may elect to receive notifications at a remaining balance of more than $40.00.) Once the fund balance on your account is depleted to zero, you will have terminated your service and the account will be disconnected whether or not you received any notice. The daily portion of the line and system charge continues to accumulate even if the electric meter is deactivated. The member assumes all liability for, and holds harmless, Fall River Electric Cooperative, Inc., its directors, officers, employees, and agents for any and for all damages of any kind resulting from an automatic disconnection or reconnection of service pursuant to the terms described above.