Hanson, Behrens & Burton Elected to Board of Directors

Fall River Electric’s annual meeting of members was conducted Saturday, June 24th at North Fremont High School in Ashton, ID and over one thousand members joined the Cooperative staff for breakfast and a record breaking number of members, nearly 2,000, cast ballots for board candidates. Jay Hanson and Ralph Burton were re-elected to their board positions from the districts of West Victor and Northern Island Park respectively. Board newcomer Georg Behrens was the top vote-getter in a four-way race for the East Victor position vacated by 15 year board member Boyd Bowles, who had reached term limits and was not eligible for re-election. Although these board members come from a specific district, they in-fact represent all owner-members of Fall River Electric which is why all members vote for all board candidates.

Here are the vote totals from each District:

DISTRICT 2 – West Victor

Jay Hanson – 940

Nolan Boyle – 360

Randy Burnside – 325

DISTRICT 3 – East Victor

Georg Behrens – 492

Alan Smith – 453

Del Fullmer – 374

Josh Richardson – 236

DISTRICT 8 – Northern Island Park

Ralph Burton – 904

Terrell Kelly – 361

Jeff Keay – 345

Hanson, Behrens and Burton will each fill a three year term extending into mid 2020 and will join the other six board members that comprise the board which is charged with overseeing the business affairs of the Cooperative and ensuring it remains financially sound. All board members live within the physical boundaries of the district they represent and are all owner-members themselves.

In addition to breakfast, the election of board members, and the business meeting, thousands of dollars in FREE prizes were given to members in attendance. Ken Wientjes of Victor made the trek to Ashton and took home the Grand Prize of a $1,000 energy credit, which would pay for enough electricity for an average home on the Fall River system for a full year! Thomas Miller of Heyburn ID, a seasonal resident of Island Park, took home a new Husqvarna chain saw after registering at the Co-op’s electrical safety demonstration. Owner-members also enjoyed exhibits and giveaways from over 20 vendors that participated in Fall River Electric’s Health, Energy & Community Expo.

Fall River Electric’s annual meeting in 2018 will celebrate the Cooperative’s 80th anniversary!

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