Past Due Accounts

Your account is past due if not paid in full by its due date. If you have trouble paying your bill, please contact us immediately to make arrangements that will help you avoid having your service disconnected.

When you have a past due amount, the Cooperative follows the following procedures:

  • An interest penalty of 1.5% is assessed monthly to any amount past due on your account.
  • Your service may be disconnected. We will attempt to notify you in person, in writing, or by phone, depending on the circumstances.
  • In order to have your power reconnected, you will need to pay a reconnection fee. The reconnection fee amount depends on the time at which the power needs to be reconnected; it is $50 to reconnect during business hours, $125 after hours, and $150 on holidays or weekends.
  • A deposit may be required to reconnect your service.

Energy assistance is available from your state to help qualifying residents keep their heat on in the winter.