Agricultural Irrigation Rebates

The Fall River Electric irrigation program has been established to encourage the use of energy-efficient equipment and is an opportunity for irrigation users to receive a financial rebate to cover a portion of the cost to install a new or more efficient system, or to make improvements to an existing system.

To participate in our program, replace or repair specific components allowed, submit the required paperwork, and receive your rebate. The rebate amount varies by sprinkler component or part that is incorporated in your sprinkler system. To apply, please click here for an application Irrigation Rebate 2012

For more information or to answer questions, please call our Conservation Specialist at 1-800-632-5726 or locally at 208-652-7431.



Requires pre-approval

If you have an irrigation account with Fall River Electric, you may qualify for a Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) rebate of up to $56 per horsepower. You must have an electrically powered turbine style irrigation pump with substantial variation in flow rates (20% or more), and/or discharge pressure requirements (10% or more) to qualify. Installation must meet IEEE 519 standards and you must have at least two years of "typical" energy use history for evaluation purposes. Remember, a pre-approved application from Fall River Electric must be received before you begin work on upgrades in order to qualify for this rebate.

To apply, please click here for an application Variable Frequency Drive Application