2013 Annual Meeting - Celebrating 75 Years! 

Seventy five years ago, 90% of our rural ancestors were "living in the dark," cooking on wood stoves, hauling water in buckets from a nearby well, putting perishable food in a stream or an icebox, and fearing the destruction their gas or kerosene lamps could cause if accidently knocked over inside their home or barn. In 1938, a group of rural neighbors in the Ashton area got together and formed Fall River Rural Electric Cooperative, Inc. This new nonprofit organization was one where everyone who received power from the Co-op was consider an owner, could vote for members to represent them on a board of directors, had a say in how the business was operated and had access to a locally based, friendly staff who was interested in answering your questions and concerns. Most importantly, Fall River Electric Cooperative's objectives were to provide reliable electric power, delivered safely and at the lowest price possible. Today, seventy five years later, those same objectives and benefits of membership continue.

2013 Annual Meeting Recap

The 2013 Annual Meeting was held on Saturday, June 8 at the Cooperative's headquarters in Ashton, Idaho where a new attendance record was established, with over 1,300 members and their families in attendance. 


2013 Board Election

Fall River Electric Cooperative is a democratic organization controlled by its members, who actively participate in setting its policies and making decisions. Members serve as elected representatives on our Board of Directors and are accountable to the membership. At this year's Annual Meeting, three Board of Director seats were selected from the nine districts. All members were eligible to vote no matter what district they resided in. Here is a list of the winning candidates:

Debbie Smith (incumbent) was re-elected in District 4 (northeast portion of Teton Valley).

Ron Dye (incumbent) was chosen by the members to represent District 7 (southern Island Park) for another term.

And incumbent Doug Schmier representing District 9 (West Yellowstone area) was re-elected.

2013 Annual Meeting Highlights

In addition to the Board of Director election, members at the annual meeting approved several significant By-law changes including:

  • Adding the ability for members to vote by mail OR electronically in addition to the traditional in-person and proxy methods. By making voting accessible to all, including electronic voting, there will no longer be the need for absentee balloting in the future.
  • Clarifying that Board members must live fulltime within the district they represent.
  • Further clarifying that Board members cannot have been convicted of a felony within the past 10 years; are not now or have been an employee of the Cooperative during the past five years; are not a close relative of any other Board member; are not employed or in any other way have a financial interest in any entity doing business with the Cooperative; do not have the capacity to enter into legally binding contracts involving the Cooperative; and must be willing to commit to physically attending at least 75% of regularly scheduled meetings.
  • Added provisions to remove a Board member if necessary.
  • Granted the Board the ability to establish committees & task forces to give advice to the Board.

Voting members also approved for the first time in 25 years, a volunteer 13-member Compensation Committee, which will assist the Board in reviewing compensation, benefits, and reimbursements provided by the Co-op to board members.

Fall River General Manager Bryan Case outlined many of the accomplishments of the Cooperative during the previous calendar year and distributed a handout to all members in attendance. If you would like to review those accomplishments yourself, please click here...2012 Accomplishments List 

2014 Annual Meeting Date & Location

For the first time ever, in Fall River Electric Cooperative history, the Co-op's annual meeting in 2014 will be held outside of Ashton, Idaho. Members and their families should mark Saturday, June 7, 2014 as the date. The location will be Teton High School in Driggs. FREE breakfast, dozens of informative exhibits on-hand, results of the annual election, and of course, the annual business meeting will be held. And let's not forget hundreds of dollars in FREE prizes will be given away to lucky members in attendance through a random drawing. Don't miss it!