Privacy & Cybersecurity


The data from new digital meters helps us serve our members better. Our goals in installing new meters has been to deliver better service, control rising operating expenses, improve system reliability through improved outage management and preventive maintenance, and provide our members with information they can use to make informed decisions about energy use. For members choosing to do so they can use the data to actively manage their energy use.

Fall River Electric does not sell or rent its members’ data to any third party. We abide by stringent policies protecting the privacy and security of your electric usage date. These policies are according to policy number GP502. We are committed to protecting the privacy and security of our members’ personal information.

ON RF WAVES – Power Line Carriers

The data from the new meters will be sent back to the co-op office over the power lines. Using the power lines for data transmission means that the meters will NOT emit ANY radio frequency (RF).

You should know that we are all continuously exposed to very low levels of both natural and man-made RF fields. Even the earth’s surface and the human body are constant sources of RF fields. Inside you own home you will likely find numerous items that emit RF fields including microwave ovens, cell phones, cordless phones, televisions, Wi-Fi signals, antennas and receivers as well as lighting.

Your cooperative is a not-for-profit private business that is solely owned and operated by the members who receive electric service from the co-op. When our Board of Directors approves a policy or procedure for the use of new equipment and technologies, they do so knowing that it will also apply to their own homes. In using this type of metering system, we have not only deemed it to be a wise and safe choice for all co-op members and their families but our own families as well.


It is extremely unlikely but not impossible that someone could access information from the Cooperative’s metering system. Meter manufacturers are incorporating security features and encryption technology into their meters, as recommended by national security experts. New meters allow us to determine if someone tampers with your meter.

Fall River Electric has developed a cyber security plan for the protection of members’ data and for the reliability of Fall River’s distribution system.