Need Help Paying?

If you have trouble paying your bill, contact our office as soon as possible to discuss payment arrangements in order to prevent a disruption in your service. Please also click on “Saving Energy” on our homepage to find out how you can save energy and money.

Low-Income Energy Assistance Program

You may qualify for either Energy Assistance or Weatherization Assistance. While state Energy Assistance programs provide a one-time payment to help qualifying applicants, weatherization programs provide long term savings of up to 30 percent on energy costs.

Income guidelines for these programs differ. Contact your state’s office to find out if you qualify.

IDAHO members
935 Lincoln Road, Idaho Falls

MONTANA members
32 S. Tracy Avenue, Bozeman

WYOMING members
115 West Snow King Avenue, Jackson

Fall River Helping Hands

Energy Assistance programs determine eligibility based on past income, but when injury or job loss strike, many people cannot get the assistance they need. Fall River Helping Hands relies on donations from members to provide temporary emergency energy assistance to other members who have an immediate and urgent need.

Fall River Helping Hands is a fund of last resort. You can download an application (see below) for help through Fall River Helping Hands, or contact us about your specific situation.



Fall River Helping Hands at 800-632-5726 or send your application via facsimile to 208-652-7825 or email to

Helping Hands Application ENGLISH

Helping Hands Application SPANISH