Net Metering


Courtesy the Teton Valley Campus of NOLS

Net metering gives you credit monthly for electricity generated by your small, home-based wind, solar or hydropower generating system. By connecting to the Fall River grid, you can offset your electric use and avoid the cost and maintenance of a battery to support your system.

General Requirements

In general, your renewable system must meet the following requirements:

  • Have a generating capacity of not more than 25 kilowatts (kW)
  • Use solar, wind, or small hydropower (or another renewable resource) to create energy
  • Be located on the premises of a Fall River member
  • Operate in parallel with the Fall River distribution system
  • Be intended primarily to offset part or all of the electricity requirements at the location it is installed

Steps to Take

  1. Download Fall River’s Net Meter Policy & Tariff ID & MT
  2. Download Fall River’s Net Meter Policy & Tariff for Wyoming
  3. Contact Fall River at 800-632-5726 with any questions or clarifications and to schedule an inspection and meter installation.

Is Net Metering Right for You?

Learn more about ups and downs of creating your own energy at this website

State and federal tax incentives may lower the cost of a new home-based renewable system. See all state and federal incentives at