New Board Members Elected & Bylaw Changes Approved

Fall River Electric’s annual meeting of members was conducted on a beautiful Saturday, June 15th at North Fremont High School in Ashton, ID where nearly one thousand owner-members joined the Cooperative for breakfast.  Owner-members cast their votes via online, mail-in and in-person to select representatives for three board positions from a total of ten candidates. A record of over 2,100 ballots were cast this year, which represents over sixteen percent of the total number of eligible voters.

Anna Lindstedt was elected from a field of five candidates from District 4, northeast Driggs, replacing Debbie Smith, who after eight years on the board made the decision not to run for re-election.  Lindstedt received 673 votes followed by Kyle Cook with 648, Mark Hansen 450, Delwyn Jensen 214 and Kelly Circle collected 134 votes.

In District 7, south Island Park, Jodi Stiehl was declared the winner with 716 votes followed by Bruce Ard with 669, Mark Gerber 406 and Allan Webb rounding out the field of four with 238 votes. Stiehl replaces Ron Dye who reached his term limits after serving for fifteen years on Fall River’s board.

Doug Schmier running unopposed from District 9, the West Yellowstone area, received 1,767 votes in support of his re-election campaign.

Members also approved, by large margins, two bylaw changes. One change to prohibit Co-op employees from running to be a Fall River board member during employment and for three years after leaving Fall River employment and Directors being prohibited from being eligible for employment until three years after serving on the board was approved by 1,823 votes in favor to 148 votes opposed. The second bylaw change adding a one term extension of three years for board members that are serving on a regional or national board at the time they reach their term limits was approved by 1,589 in favor to 365 in opposition. An extension under this change also requires the board member to be re-elected by the members of Fall River to his or her board position.

All three elected board members will each fill a three-year term extending into mid 2022 and will join the other six members that comprise the board charged with overseeing the business affairs of the Cooperative and ensuring it remains financially sound.

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