Fall River Electric Holds First-Ever Virtual Meeting

Fall River Electric’s annual meeting of members was conducted virtually for the first-time ever in the Co-op’s 82-year history. This was because of a decision made by the Cooperative’s board of directors to safeguard the members and staff from effects of the coronavirus. Owner-members cast their votes via online, mail-in and in-person to select representatives for three board positions from a total of seven candidates. Despite not holding their traditional in-person annual event, a record setting number of 2,427 ballots were cast this year, which represents nearly twenty percent of the total number of eligible voters.

Incumbents Georg Behrens in District 3, East Victor, Jay Hanson from West Victor which is District 2 and Jeff Keay of District 8 in northern Island Park were all re-elected for new three-year terms beginning this month. Here are the vote totals for each candidate:

Board of Director – District 2 West Victor

Jay Hanson                          1,619

Nolan Boyle                            794

Board of Director – District 3 East Victor

Georg Behrens                  1,629

Alan Thompson                    517

Rod Gust                              281

Board of Director – District 8 Northern Island Park

Jeff Keay                              1,782

Robert “Bob” Stantus              617

Voters overwhelming approved a number of minor changes to the Co-op’s bylaws but nearly split evenly on how board members should be elected in the future. The ballot had provided for an advisory vote as to whether to retain the current plurality voting method for directors or put to a member vote next year the option of requiring a candidate to win by a majority of votes. Owner-members voted to retain the current plurality method by a vote of 1,264 versus a switch to the majority method with 1,087 votes.

The traditional business meeting which included the announcement of over 30 scholarship awards, a report on the Co-op’s financial audit as well as a management report from CEO/General Manager Bryan Case was held online and can be viewed here on the Cooperative’s website under the heading of “Video News” on the home page.

Fall River Office Doors Reopen

Following the expiration of the “stay-at-home” orders of Governors Little of Idaho and Bullock of Montana, and after the Co-op’s staff has spent nearly a month working from home, Fall River Electric brought staff back to the offices and reopened the doors to members and the general public on Friday, May 1, 2020. Members andContinue Reading

No Rate Increase for 2020

Effective October 1, 2019, the Bonneville Power Administration (BPA) implemented rate increases for both wholesale power and transmission costs to 143 Northwest electric utility companies including Fall River Electric Cooperative. BPA is the primary source for Fall River’s wholesale power. After careful consideration, the 9-member elected board of Fall River Electric determined that the CooperativeContinue Reading

New Board Members Elected & Bylaw Changes Approved

Fall River Electric’s annual meeting of members was conducted on a beautiful Saturday, June 15th at North Fremont High School in Ashton, ID where nearly one thousand owner-members joined the Cooperative for breakfast.  Owner-members cast their votes via online, mail-in and in-person to select representatives for three board positions from a total of ten candidates. AContinue Reading

School Solar & Wind Projects Funded

Fall River Electric owner-members in conjunction with the Bonneville Environmental Foundation, a nonprofit organization funded by generous contributions from philanthropic organizations, Helping Hands, a local nonprofit and Fall River Electric; the fundraising necessary to construct small scale distributed generation solar panels and wind turbines at three of our local high schools was achieved. Construction bidsContinue Reading

Jeff Keay Selected to Board

Fall River Electric’s Board of Directors has selected Jeff Keay of Island Park to fill the remaining 2 years of board member Ralph Burton’s term, which expires in June of 2020. Burton moved from the area which, according to the Co-op’s by-laws, forces a vacancy which the board is required to fill via appointment. AContinue Reading

Coop Offers First-Ever Rebate

All owner-members (customers) of Fall River Electric who received power in 2017 have been issued a first-ever rebate! As a nonprofit cooperative, Fall River manages the amount of revenue they need to operate the Cooperative very closely. Fall River Electric had a great financial year in 2017 and the Coop’s elected Board of Directors decided to rebate aContinue Reading

Fall River Electric Pays Out Over $1M to Customers

Fall River Electric Cooperative has mailed checks to over 6,000 of its owner-members (customers) totaling $1,023,143 under its patronage capital program. Because Fall River Electric operates as a nonprofit cooperative, it is in fact owned by the customers it serves which the co-op refers to as owner-members. When revenues collected by the co-op exceed operatingContinue Reading