Fall River Electric’s hydroelectric generating facility at the Island Park Dam, as of July 16, 2018, is currently NOT operating as the Cooperative is not able to maintain the minimum dissolved oxygen level required. Work is currently being done to rectify the situation but no timetable for resolution is available.

Fishermen will find our river measurements to typically be more accurate than the USGS gage located above the Island Park boat ramp due to the impact plant growth has on the USGS gage.

Island Park as of 7/19:  Flow Rate: 1,265cfs  |  Temp: 62°F  |  DO Level: 7.27  |  Turbidity: 4.5

Box Canyon as of 7/19: Flow Rate: 1,518cfs

Fishermen are encouraged to drive slowly and cautiously on the road to the Chester boat ramps. The roadway passes a number of homes so extra caution should be observed for children playing, other vehicles on the roadway and to help mitigate dust. The owner-members of Fall River Electric thank you for your courtesy!

Chester Upper Dock & Parking

Chester Lower Dock & River Flow:     Flow Rate as of 7/19: 1,956cfs