Schedule an Energy Audit

Don’t let your home’s air leaks break the bank! Right now, Fall River will pay OVER ONE HALF the $265 cost of an energy audit so you can find out what steps you can take to save energy in your home. Call us to schedule an energy audit by a certified professional who will review your home for leaks around doors and windows, check for proper insulation levels, and evaluate your appliances.

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Best of all, an audit includes an energy analysis on how you would qualify for Fall River’s efficiency rebate programs. The goal of the energy audit is to help you make your home warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer plus make it more energy efficient, while saving you money.

If you qualify for a rebate, you only pay $100 of the total cost for the audit and Fall River Electric pays the rest. If you complete the recommended steps toward energy efficiency, such as adding insulation or replacing windows, Fall River will rebate you an additional $50 toward the original cost of the energy audit, so your total cost is then just $50.

To qualify for a subsidized energy audit, your home must be primarily electrically heated. Propane heated homes do not qualify for a rebate or the discounted energy audit at this time.

To get started just sign and return an Energy Audit Agreement 2015