Send Your Kids to Fall River’s Youth Rally This Summer for FREE

If you are the parent or guardian of a high school student who will be a junior or senior in the fall of 2017 and you’d like your student to expand their leadership and team-building skills, then they need to be part of Fall River Electric’s team of students that attend Youth Rally this summer. This FREE program also introduces them to the electric industry. They will learn more about cooperatives and industry-related careers, all while meeting new friends from across the Pacific Northwest. Youth Rally is held for one week in July on the campus of the College of Idaho in Treasure Valley (Boise area).

Youth that apply must be children of owner-members or have guardians that are members (customers) of Fall River Electric. They will receive at least a $500 scholarship just for participating. Many students return home with larger scholarships earned while attending Youth Rally. A short application is available here on Fall River Electric’s website. Click on the tab “MYCOMMUNITY” and then “Youth Rally.” Hurry though, the application deadline is April 14, 2017, and remember, this program is FREE!


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